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   "Is Your Mind Programmed For Wealth?"

  We all wonder how some people become wealthy and get wealthier each day, while some people remain poor, and even become poorer; no matter how hard they seemingly try to become wealthy? 

   This is a riddle and mystery that has plagued mankind since the start of commerce. It exists in every nation on the face of this planet.


   What is the cause of this?? The public has heard from those that have gone from poverty to wealth. They try telling us how they did it; but, do they really explain the KEY? In their failure to describe the key, they mainly choose to conveniently label it as "luck". But is it really?

     In this report, we'll get to the nitty-gritty about wealth, we'll clearly explain the key. Finally, you'll be told the truth. But first, let's look at the Twenty (20) Common Beneficial Joys of Wealth.

     (1). You can help your loved ones live out their dreams. (2). You can enjoy giving generous, even outlandish gifts. (3). You can become "set" for life. (4). You can live in a huge, beautifully furnished mansion. (5). Vacation to the most fabulous scenic resorts in the world. (6). Become a major contributor to your favorite charities and causes.

     (7). Enjoy world-wide shopping, without regard to price. (8). Own a wardrobe of the finest custom-made clothes and jewelry. (9). Enjoy delightfully refreshing trips around the world. (10). Eat and savor the freshest and finest foods on earth. (11). Leave a large financial estate to your heirs. (12). Never have to take orders from anyone again. (13). Always growing richer, day-by-day. (14). Hire your own Chef, Butler, Gardener, or live-in Housekeeper.

     (15). Collect magnificent pieces of fine art, antiques, and stunning collectibles. (16). Go anywhere, anytime, without asking anyone's permission. (17). Enjoy being 100% debt free, and financially self-sufficient. (18). Have great investments that produce wealth faster than you can spend it. (19). Enjoy all your hobbies without price or time pressures. (20). Be entertained by the most skillful entertainers in the world. Are you on the road to wealth, so you can experience these twenty wonderful joys? 

    Let's look at what the majority believes you must do to become wealthy. Please take this quick quiz. Pick as many answers as you like.

    TO BECOME WEALTHY, YOU MUST:: _Find a need and fill it._Have a burning desire._Help enough people get what they want._Have a clear goal._Have specialized knowledge._Start your own business._Know the right people(network)._Become ruthless._Be honest._Take advantage of tax loopholes._Be at the right place at the right time._Be lucky._Work hard._Persevere._Learn how others have done it, and imitate them._Be good at something._Have a mentor._Become educated and skillful._Inherit it._Take risks._Marry into it._Win the lottery._Be willing to sacrifice everything for it._Become disciplined._Have support from your family._Have some seed money._Have some inside information._Have a positive attitude.


    Which did you pick? all of the above? The correct answer is:  

End of Sample.

I appreciate you letting me be a part of your mental growth.

Terry Goss
Subconscious Mind
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